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Ft. Collins Video Transfer, Printing Services, Photo Scanning, Film Restoration

Leave A Legacy’s Ft. Collins location is where people in Northern Colorado turn for old photo restoration, film transfers, digital scrapbooking ideas, and a wide variety of printing services.

In Fort Collins, Leave A Legacy guides customers on a delightful path of discovery. Preserving memories is just the beginning of learning what a creative person you can be. The motivation is to keep a traditional photo album from fading, but along the way – you find out how creative touches and visual juxtapositions can bring history to life.

Leave a Legacy helps you create memory books that will stay in pristine condition for a lifetime…. Or longer!

At the same time, digital technology allows us to provide an almost endless list of services.

If you are like most photographers or ‘scrapbookers’, the problem you face is not capturing memories. You have stacks of old photo albums and shoeboxes full of snapshots. Your digital camera has a thousand shots—and your phone maybe a thousand more. You have every birthday, wedding, and graduation filmed. But the smiling moments are stuck in your camera.

Fort CollinsLeave A Legacy opened in Fort Collins in 2006 to help you share these memories. We use techniques and technology that turns photos into digital media that is easy to view and organize.

With our help, you can match photos of your grandparents’ wedding with those from your own. You can restore a picture from your wife’s first birthday and print it on invitations for her 50th. You can create a family history on DVD, starting with the oldest 8 mm films and ending with the first moments after the birth of a new millennium baby.

When you visit our Ft. Collins store, you see that services such as old photograph restoration, scrapbooking layout ideas, and slide scanning allow you to bring every memory you captured to life.

A visit to our Ft. Collins studio can show you how to:

Restore old photos, family films, and videos. Reprint and digitize old photos and transfer older film into long lasting DVD.

Create DVD slide shows. Pull all those photos together into one easy to watch slide show. It’s time for all those smiles to see the light of day.

Create digital scrapbooks. Let your imagination run wild with scrapbook layout ideas. Embellish the photo album and create a masterpiece of memories you pass on to future generations.

Design a printed photo book. The first person (of many) you’ll give this gift to is yourself. Take the best shots from your collection and create a one of a kind photo book you can leave out on the coffee table. Share with friends anytime. Better yet, curl up and reminisce on a rainy afternoon.

Scan any memorable item. Make children’s artwork, diplomas, awards, newspaper clippings, oversized items and more into digital pictures you can place in albums and scrapbooks. Turn these into unique photo gifts like calendars, t-shirts, coffee mugs, and more!

How can we help you? Let’s start by determining how you want to preserve and share the memories you cherish, then we’ll use our creativity and technology to deliver just the product you want.

Drop by our Ft. Collins, Colorado studio today. Like your favorite old photos, the possibilities will bring a big, wide smile to your face.