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Audio Editing Services

Audio Editing Services

The quality of the capture and export of your audio recordings are highly reliant on the quality of the original recording. Many recordings that come through our doors were not captured on professional quality equipment and were not set up to record optimally. The types of editing that we do most commonly with audio recordings are to adjust the volume, cut the audio into separate tracks and to remix various segments. Files can be exported to playable CDs (one that will play in….you guessed it….everyday CD players) or they can be exported as mp3 files that are handy on computers and other digital devices.



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Read more about each of our audio transfer services:

Cassette to MP3 or CD Transfer Service  Vinyl Lps to CD or MP3  8 Track Tape transfer service

Cassette Tape To MP3 or CD

Vinyl LP To MP3 or CD

8-Track Tape To MP3 or CD


 Micro Cassettes Mini Cassettes Transfer Service  Reel to Reel Tape Transfer to CD MP3

Microcassettes To MP3 or CD

Reel To Reel To MP3 or CD