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Back-up Rule:

Have your heard about the 3-2-1 rule for protecting your 3-2-1-backup-ruledigital media?  This works for your scanned photos, your digitized videos and even your everyday digital files you create on your computer for home or at work.

3 – You should have 3 copies! Once you have one digital copy, making additional copies is very easy and inexpensive. (Take advantage the Back-up Offer below)

2- It should be 2 different types of storage (cloud, hard drive, physical prints or videos and/or on disks.)

1- They should be saved in more than one location (home, work, online or at a friend or family member’s home.

In the past we encouraged you to locate all of your photos.  Last month we encouraged you scan all of your print photos, slides, negatives and photo albums. This month we encourage you to duplicate the digital files, keep them on two types of media and to have them saved in one other location.

Back-up Offer:

custom_social-post-1Leave A Legacy will be celebrating Small Business Saturday again this year with another specialdisk offer for our clients.  In keeping with the theme to back up your digital memories: Any order that comes in on Saturday November 26 or Monday November 28 will receive a FREE extra copy of any CDs or DVDs made for their legacy project.  If you have us save files to an external hard drive we will copy them to a second hard drive for no additional cost (given that you provide the hard drive).  This will work for any film, video or audio transfer and any scanning project….ok, so that’s just about any poject that come in the door.  Take advantage of this special offer and share your memories for the holidays.

holiday 0The Best Gifts:

It’s that time of year again…. Time for Holiday Gift Giving…and Leave A Legacy is the answer for you if you want to give a really meaningful gift with infinite value.  Check out our holiday gift guide to figure out what memories you want to share this year.  We always get buried with Legacy projects during the holidays so don’t delay about bringing them in!  This year be sure to give the priceless gift of memories!


Are you aware that insurance doesn’t usually cover photo restoration.20160831_151050

One of our clients is a prime example. We recently received boxes of damaged photos from Pat & Larry and gave them and their insurance company an estimate to scan and restore them all.  The insurance company, like many others, will only cover either the cost of the original film and developing or the costs to scan them all.  They will NOT pay to restore all of the damaged photos.  Many wonder the value of a scanned damaged photo.  Many of the photos that got wet are very curled.  It takes some persistence and TLC, but we were able to scan them all.

home-owners-insuranceWe called our own insurance agent, David Dixon with Farmers Insurance, and he said that you have to read all of that fine print or have an agent who is honest with you to know if your photos are covered or not. He adds that some insurance providers may not provide direct coverage but may offer a rider for extended coverage like you can do for furs, jewelry or guns.  He relayed that several years ago his own home burned down and from that experience he learned the importance of having all of his photos scanned and backed up at a separadscn0149te location.  He said that he now, at the end of every year, scans all new photos and makes a back-up copy of them which he keeps in his office.

One of our Denver clients called us with the risk of disaster on his mind.  Bruce gave us a call to scan all of his photos at high resolution (600 dpi) and to save them all on an external hard drive so that he can store them all in his safety deposit box.  We are also transferring all of his family videos and discs so that he has a backup.

0607141148Another Denver client is having us scan their whole estate of photos (again at 600 dpi).  We are keeping all the organization that they already have by saving them in several layers of digital folders and beyond that we are also categorizing and organizing all of the photos in software on their computers.  The photos will be organized by who is in the photo, the date, and what kind of event or place they are at.  This will allow them to do powerful searches on their computer to find the exact photos that they are looking for.  Both of these projects are so large that we offered to come and pick them up from their location.

Save your photos before disaster strikes!

Last month we encouraged you to locate all of your photos.  This month we encourage you scan all of your print photos, slides, negatives and photo albums.

Many people have their own scanners at home but scanning is very time consuming and can be frustrating if you don’t know the correct settings on your scanner or computer.  Leave A Legacy, Inc. is here to rescue your photos.  We have the know-how and the equipment to get it done.  Most projects are completed at Leave A Legacy in a week to a week and a half.  Others bring us a whole estate’s worth of photos to scan and organize.  We can help you preserve all of your old images whether they are loose photos, photos in albums, slides, negatives, artwork, you name it.  Call Leave A Legacy today and we will discuss all the options for your Legacy project and give you an itemized estimate.


DVD slideshows can really “make” the event you are holding. They can be the added final touch to make your event the Wedding2 thumbnailmost meaningful and remember-able. At Leave A Legacy, Inc. we create all varieties of DVD slideshows. Wedding slideshows often show each the bride and the groom as they were growing up, when they met and ends with a look to an exciting future.  Anniversary slideshows often show images of the happy couple and their resulting family through the years (when they met, marriage, arrival of children, arrival of grandchildren, special trips and events).

graduation thumbnailGraduation slideshows show your child and how they changed and grew over the years. They show highlights of their school and athletic careers and often end with a hint of what is to come and a statement of how proud you are of them.  Memorial slideshows help you maintain the focus on celebrating the achievements and activities of a lifetime and the good times you’ve had and the memories you have shared.  Reunion slideshows when made for class reunions usually have your photos from the year book, photos of other gatherings you’ve had and images of the class members that you’ve loss too soon.

The Birthday slideshows that we’ve done are usually done to thumbnail for Baltic Sea trip slideshowcelebrate the big ones. Whether you’ve hit the ripe old age of sweet 16, Qunicenerra, 40, 50, 75 or even 100.  The birthday slideshows almost always show photos of when they were born and have a variety of photos documenting the changes and experiences through the years.   With Vacation slideshows it is fun to both share and to document the special “trip of a life time” and be able to share your experiences with others.  You try to pick the best of the best photos but sometimes it is very hard to narrow it down….they are all so good. We have options to meet these needs as well.

Often times we create slideshows of your old slides or collection of old photos.  This is helpful if you are wanting to just sit and watch your old photos play on your TV/DVD player.  We will add music and titles for the different sections.  Clients who have a large collection of artwork or parents who want to preserve their child’s artwork will choose to have an artwork slideshow.

Slideshow packages from Leave A Legacy:

Silver Package [This is the perfect package for the client who wants a basic, photo focused slideshow without the extra frills. This package does not include scanning images.]

-All your photos in original condition slideshow packages to print

-1 title slide

-Silver DVD

-Transitions between photos

-Royalty free music

-Data disk (all your images & music if purchased)

Gold Package [This is the perfect package for the client who has photos that could use a little TLC (where color correction and cropping would be a big help) and if they want a little more movement to their images.]

-Budget scan of 100 photosslideshow packages II copy


-Color correction

-Pan & zoom & transitions between photos

-2 titles (beginning & end)

-Gold Archival DVD

-Data disk (all your images & music)

-Client provided music included (downloads at additional cost)

Platinum Package [This is the perfect package for the client with a lot of photo as it can easily have several photos visible at the same time.  This option also includes a print book using the “pages/slides” laid out for the slideshow.]

-Budget scan of 100 photos


-Color correction

-Pan & zoom & transitions between photos

-2 titles (beginning & end)

-Gold Archival DVD

-Data disk (all your images & music)

-Client provided music included (downloads at additonal cost)

-Slideshow can be made from the photobook pages or from single pics

-11” x 8.5” buckram bound book

Photobook pages with borders

-Basic photobook layout


Types of Media we can use in your slideshow [Generally we are limited only by your imagination but here is a list of the most commonly used media.]

Photo prints, artwork and documents

Digital images (from emails, CDs, flash drives, phones, SD cards, etc.)

Slides and Negatives

-Video clips (from video tapes, phones, tablets, movie film, etc.)

-Audio clips


Sdisko you have some films or videos clogging up your storage area and you’d like to both get rid of the clutter and also be able to actually see them again.  With the ever changing digital era you may ask, “what should be done with them”; “should I get a DVD or something else?”  Leave A Legacy is here to help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of transferring to DVD versus digital files.

What is a transfer to DVD anyway?  We call this a external-hard-disk-1playable DVD as it will easily play on any DVD or Blu-ray drive/player. We can either do a straight transfer (direct transfer from video tape to DVD) or we can do what we call an edited transfer (digital capture to computer, edit the footage, then burn a DVD).

Pros of transfers to DVD:

  1. DVDs should easily play in your computer or DVD player.
  2. It is less expensive and very straight forward.
  3. Easy to make copies to share with friends and family (as long as you and your computer know how to). Leave A Legacy, Inc. can easily make copies for you as well.
  4. To get the digital files off of the DVD and onto your computer you can “rip” the discs. This will give you files that your computer can edit/modify, with the right software. Though “ripping” sounds rather violent it does not harm your DVD.

Cons of transfers to DVD:

  1. Many computers don’t come with DVD players anymore and your tablet and phone certainly can’t play a DVD.
  2. You can’t edit/modify the DVDs.
  3. You can’t email them to friends or upload to the cloud in their current state

What is a transfer to digital files anyway?  We play your video and capture the audio and video signals directly to a computer. Then we pull it into a video editing program, do any edits that you would like, and then export them as either MOV files (for MAC users) or AVI files (for PC users).  We like to put these files on an external hard drive and not on a flash drive.external hard drive 1 no background

Why we don’t use a flash drive for this?  Flash drives are typically formatted as FAT 32 which means that even if the drive is large enough it limits the size of each file to 4GB.  Generally any video longer than 15 minutes won’t go on a flash drive.

We can either provide the external drive for you (our rate as of 2016 is $80 for a 1TB drive) or you can provide your own drive.

Pros of Digital Files:

  1. You can edit/modify the files however you like on your computer. You will need video editing software to do this (iMovie for MAC users and Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere, and others for PC)
    1. You can burn your own custom DVDs
    2. You can export segments to put up on youtube or share on the cloud
  2. You can watch each video file on your computer (Quick Time for MAC and Windows Media Player for PC) or with Apple TV. You can also watch them on your tablet or phone.
  3. They don’t require a DVD player.

Cons of Digital Files:

  1. This transfer method costs a bit more
  2. Files take up a lot of hard drive space
  3. You can’t easily play the video on your TV, like a movie
  4. You may think “I hate my computer and it hates me. I just want to watch my movies.”

We can transfer all sorts of old media to DVDs or digital files including: VHS transfer, VHSC transfer, 8mm tape transfer, Hi8 tape transfer,  miniDV tape transfer, BetaCAM transfer, BetaMAX transfer, U-matic transfer (3/4″ tape transfer),  8mm film transfer, super 8mm film transfer, 16mm film transfer.

Click this link to download a printable copy of this article.


On Jun 15 2016, Leave A Legacy
  • Personal touch by people who care. Our team members are not technicians but real humans who respect and value all of your materials as if they belonged to our own family.  If it doesn’t make sense to scan it, we won’t.  One client who was overwhelmed with what he had inherited had included a set of silver in the pile of items he brought it to be transferred.  We knew it was an oversight and set it aside for the client and didn’t scan it.
  • Organized and efficient: we do it your way but if you want our0607141148 recommendation we will give you as much organization as possible that seems like it would be helpful for you and your family. This means putting things in chronological order and putting groups, folders, photo albums and boxes each into a separate digital folder on your external hard drive. Scanning and transferring of all old media is checked and double checked by owner or project manager.
  • Politically neutral: we’ve scanned plenty of politically volatile materials with full respect of its value and significance to the owner
  • We do it all.    WebsitePhotoMockup2 cutout8.20  We can transfer virtually all types of old media to digital. This includes but it not limited to 1)Photographic and document media: photos, negatives, slides, oversized items, newspaper, artwork, books, scrapbooks,  2)video: video tapes on nearly every type, disks, floppy, memory sticks and cards,  3)audio: cassettes, records, micro cassettes, 8-track tapes, reel-to-reels,  4)films: regular 8mm, super 8mm, 16mm, 8mm and 16 mm film with sound.  We have the top of the line) equipment and the stick-to-itive mindset to figure out how to get it done!
  • How we get it:  1)if you are local (Denver B0000062or Northern Colorado areas) we will come with a truck and pick it up and return it, 2)if you are not local you can ship it to us and we’ll ship it back.  We receive shipments from around the country and sometimes from overseas.
  • What you receive: 1) all your originals returned back to you in the same condition that you delivered them, 2)your project completed and returned to you quickly, efficiently, professionally, 3)your files digitized, organized and saved to external hard drive(s) or DVDs.
  • When we finish: Our goal is always to get it done as quickly as possible We love it if you don’t have a firm deadline so that we can work it in among other projects  If you need it in a rush, ASAP, we can do that as well.


We recently scanned in Larry’s priceless family collection of photos taken by Dr. Drah03 Cabbage miniomir Joseph Ruzicka (1870-1960) who was known for his 17 In Venice miniwork in amateur photography and being co-founder of the Pictorial Society of America.  He is related to Larry through his mother’s uncle by marriage.  We scanned in both the fronts and backs of each image and then reproduced them on our archival matte paper so that he could keep this reproduction set of images and donate the originals to a museum.

We also saved all images to CD for him.  Now each of Larry’s children will be able to print their own sets of reproductions as they would like.  His images included both this cabbage in Nebraska and this canal in Venice.

AA 001 miniSeveral artists have been bringing in their artwork. We’ve recently received images of fish, elephant, aliens, white noise and Humphrey Bogart.We scanned each of them and either made reprints or gave them the digital files. The fish image has a particularly interesting story to go with it as well.  It was drawn some years ago by Mary Chosa at the age of 19.  Six years later she passed away with severe rheumatoid arthritis.  Several years ago the drawing was given to her special friend and our client Amanda.  Amanda brought it in to be scanned and reprinted so that she can share it with Mary’s family these many years later.

Other Interesting Scanned Image Projects

  • After their parent passed away nearby, two brothers from MN and NY brought in tubs of photo memories to digitize and share. We shipped back the originals and digital images on 3 hard drives to 3 addresses.We are passionate about helping you share family memories.
  • Shirley’s photo of Indian chief relative was scanned in and reprinted.
  • David collects images and memorabilia from Cripple Creek mines.We’ve scanned in several images and restored, resized and reprinted them. FYI he will pay for mine images and maps.
  • Viola’s rescued photos from her house fire were scanned, restored and reprinted

Why choose Leave A Legacy…

  • We believe that everyone has a story to tell – no matter how seemingly insignificant it may seem.
  • We believe that not just one person in a family should be the holder of the family memories.
  • We believe that our lives and our memories are finite and priceless.

Leave A Legacy, Inc. Staying Busymercury 100 -2016
Leave A Legacy, Inc. was once again honored by being named one of the top 100 fastest growing companies in Northern Colorado for 2016. We owe it all to you our fabulous clients who value preserving their memories with digital creations.


On May 19 2016, Leave A Legacy

We recently attended the Colorado Genealogical Convention in Denver and wanted to share a video of our display with you.
We met with lots of really nice people who are interested in preserving their family history.  We saw several of our own past clients there.  We highlighted our book service where we can help with scanning, layout, printing and binding.  We also shared about our other services of transferring all sorts of old media.  There was a lot of interest in our services and we all had a great time.


We get all sorts of requests for audio transfers but this one was the most unique of them all.  Our client, you see, has a vintage car that has an 8-track player and he wanted a custom 8 Track Tape transfer service8-track tape with the music that he wanted.  This was certainly a novel project request and something we weren’t even sure if we could do.  Leave A Legacy is definitely a “figure it out” place so that is what we did!  It was so successful that he came back and had us make a second 8-track for him.

How’d we do it?  We used our combination 8-track/reel-to-reel equipment and connected a CD player to it and used a good helping of our ingenuity.

At Leave A Legacy we routinely preserve memories with digital creations and occasionally…..we convert digital to youtube thumbnail

Other interesting audio projects:

  • Converting a tub of reel-to-reel recordings of Indian’s chanting to mp3 files for the University of Colorado
  • Transferring old record albums of beautiful Christmas music to playable CDs
  • Transferring audio cassettes a man relaying his experiences during World War II
  • Digital audio recordings of a father reciting prayers and blessings for his daughter we transferred to playable CDs
  • A man’s messages to his family during the war from 45 records to mp3 files. Our client’s father died during the war and this was the first time for him to hear his father’s voice….what a heartwarming moment!
  • Metal records of a family sing-a-long transferred to digital files for a clients in New York and New Hampshire


On Apr 7 2016, Leave A Legacy

One of our favorite clients, Nancy, wrote the script below to help a friend of hers who lost her mother and is having trouble coping with it.  I share it with hope that it will be an encouragement to others as well.

by Nancy Moore

March 30, 2016

People do not just visit Muir Woods. They come from around the globephoto-3-1 to pay homage to nature in this cathedral of towering redwoods. The trees’ ages range from 400 to 800 years, and their height up to 250 feet. Flat easy-walking trails loop through the groves. Muir Woods National Monument was established on January 9, 1908 when President Roosevelt signed legislation to protect an old-growth coast redwood forest from destruction.

Nature often offers metaphors more elegant than we can manufacture, and Muir Woods is no exception. When a big redwood tree dies, it creates an unusual sight. Small-growing, newly-sprouted baby redwoods grow in a circle around the charred stump. The burned trunk of the mother tree stand maybe six feet high, bu the trees surrounding it are young and healthy. The Park Rangers call these clusters, “The Family Circle”…The Mother Tree and Her Children. Redwoods have evolved to turn disaster into opportunity. In these coast forests, death produces life.

In the redwood ecosystem, all seeds are contained in pods called burls. Burls are tough brown clumps that grow where the mother tree’s trunk and root system meet. When the mother tree is logged, blown over, or destroyed by fire, the trauma stimulates the burl’s growth hormones. The seeds release and trees sprout around her creating “The Circle of Children.” The children’s trees grow by absorbing the sunlight their mother cedes to them when she died. They get moisture and nutrients they need from their mother’s root system, which remains intact under-ground even after he leaves die. Although the children exist independently of their mother about ground, they continue to draw sustenance from her underneath.

Appreciate the beauty of the earth, and the beauty within your mother. One day we are going to have to walk this earth without our best friend by our side, or them without us. None of us are going to be here forever. Our lives are just a taste of what Heaven is going to be like, when we walk with Jesus in perfection. Like the magnificent redwood tree, you mother lives on beneath everything you do. Her presence influenced who you were, and her absence influences who you are today. Our lives are shaped as much by those who leave us as they are by those who stay. Loss is legacy, insight is a gift, and towering memories are your precious guides. Enjoy your towering memories.


On Jun 3 2015, Tips About Photos

positive about negs

Yes, that’s true. At Leave A Legacy we are Positively happy to digitize your Negatives. This month’s highlight and special is all about Negatives. For June 2015 you can enjoy 20% off your Negative Scanning.

buffalo bill & sitting bull
We’ve scanned a family’s collection of negatives through the years. Leave A Legacy has scanned historical negatives like the SS Enterprise and Buffalo Bill with Sitting Bull. We’ve scanned xrays of teeth, dogs and people with medical instruments left inside. We’ve scanned childhood negatives for a divorced mother who’s ex had thrown out all of the children’s photos. We’ve scanned collections of old family 2×3” negatives and more.4x5 negative civil war

See a video of our Negative Scanning service here. All those negatives we don’t leave as negatives but have the computer convert them to positives. We have different setting for scanning black and white negatives and color negatives. We typically scan negatives at 1200 dpi so that you can print a good quality image that is 4 times as large. Want info and samples about scanned negatives?


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