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Bob brought in an 8-track tape of the 1977 Seven Man Championship football game radio broadcast. He was interviewed on the radio and part of the pregame broadcast. We can of course transfer 8-track tapes to a playable CD or to mp3 files.  However, this tape had gotten itself wound too tightly on itself and wouldn’t play.  8-track tapes are amazing bit’s of engineering to me.  The tape has to consistently wind up on the outside of the spool as it consistently unwinds from the inside of the spool to play the continuous strip of audio tape.  This one was wound too tightly so that it couldn’t unwind from the inside.  In order to fix it we said a few prayers and then completely unwound and rewound (more loosely) the audio tape.  It is time consuming and pain but with stars aligned we were able to repair it and then transfer it to several playable CDs.  When I called him this morning to let him know that we were successful he was very happy and said that we “made his day”.  He will be sharing one CD with the parents of the quarter back.

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Memories always make the best gifts, even for those “hard to buy for” people on your list.  Where else can you make a priceless gift for an affordable price? We always seem to be hopping at Leave A Legacy but during the Holiday season we start double timing!  Need some ideas? 

  • Check out our Holiday Gift Guide, or our past blog posts (there is a search tool on the right side) or better yet bring in your old media (or give us a ring) and we’ll share some creative ideas for your specific collection.

Leave A Legacy believes that everyone has a story to tell, that our lives are finite and priceless and that not just one person should be the holder of all the family memories and we are here to help you do just that.

Be Inspired! Here are some of the interesting memories we preserved last month.

Scanned in a bunch of stereo slides and saved them to flash drives for this    client from Virginia. Glad to help them share the family memories!

Had a client send us some jaz discs to us from Cairo to transfer the information to a flash drive…..Cairo, Nebraska that is!

We picked up all of Gary and Judi’s albums and files from their home for scanning. It was a truck load. Each album was saved into its own digital folder. Now we are making all of the digital images into nice, new, much thinner books. They started the project because they are moving soon and don’t have room for all of the original albums.

Keri brought in numerous family heritage photo albums and air mail letters for us to scan and save to a flash drive making a separate digital folder for each album/box.

Jim brought in his old family home movies into Leave A Legacy in a metal tackle box. Last time he brought films in a Mr. Coffee box. I love these unique containers. We will give him digital files of each of his films.

This slideshow project came in recently. I love the unique container! Who knew that saran wrap containers are just the right size for slides? We will scan in all of their slides  from their trip to Italy in the 80’s and make a DVD slideshow of all of the images.

Janet brought in her 50′ reels of films in this cute little duck tin container to be transferred to digital files. I love all of the fun and unique containers that contain priceless memories.

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David brought  a DVD into our Denver store and asked us to transfer it to a VHS.  Sounds like he had movie films transferred to DVD but he really wanted it on VHS.  This is definitely not a project that comes through our store every day….but definitely something Leave A Legacy can do!

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 Julia Chiropractic had us take several video files from their flash drive and create a DVD that plays one video after the other.  They had us make the DVD so it would loop (playing over and over without stopping) so that they can play it at a booth at a Chiropractic conference.




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Wendy brought in a DVD that had some family films already transferred on it.  She needed us to take parts of the footage and make a new DVD.  The footage that she wanted to share was of Count von Luckner on Mopelia Ship.  He was a World War I hero.  She is traveling to Germany soon and wanted to share that footage and not the family home movie footage with friends there in Germany.  The Mopelia was a four-mast-schooner. This footage is from 1938 and shows a segment of the crew hoisting the masts.

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Mary brought in her project because she was tired of trying to be a perfectionist in trying to get everything all together and done at once so she was bringing in this one thing to get done.  She brought in an audio cassette which contains an interview with her grandpa in 2002 on the occasion of his 60th anniversary of being sober with Alcoholics Anonymous.  He lived until he was 92.  She wanted to make it digital so that she could share it with her family.

The below segment is from the end of the recording of the celebration.  It is a prayer that they closed the party with. Very uplifiting.

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Lana brought in a 45 record that had her uncle, Lloyd, singing on one side and her cousin, Debbie, on the other. Each sang a song that they had written.  One is titled as CornShuck’n  Song and the other is “What are we doin on this doggone farm”. 

  Lana brought in her project because both of her sons are musical and would enjoy having a digital, mp3, file of these family musicians.

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Martin was going through his personal effects to see what he has and to decide what to do with them.  He made a wonderful discovery, a tintype of his grandfather, Homer, who served in as a volunteer for the 20th Kansas regiment during the Spanish-American War.  He said that he had served in the Philippines 1898-1899.   Martin was named after his grandfather and is actually Homer Martin III.  We’ve done lots of Legacy type work for him in the past and knew that Leave A Legacy was just the place to bring it to.  We scanned it in, restored it and printed copies for his two cousins, his twin sister and his two kids.

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On Aug 17 2018, Leave A Legacy

Organization Service

If you live a fun-packed life, we say: WONDERFUL.

Leave A Legacy is all over this sort of deliberate memory making.

But what about some downtime for reflection and sharing of your many precious moments?

Oh, you don’t have any downtime? We can solve that for you! We are offering something altogether new! A comprehensive solution to getting your pictures into the light of day and out of your shoeboxes.

Let US sort out your life for you!

Send us your dusty boxes full of slides, filmstrips and prints. We’ll organize everything to tell the story you want to share.

It’s like taking your receipts to the CPA and that financial genius getting your tax deductions figured out from there. All on her own. We do the same sort of sleuthing – only with your happy memories. It’s a huge added value in the world of capturing and sharing memories.

Let US pour through your mementos, images and movie clips. We’re sleuthing storytellers and we are expert at putting everything in chronological or thematic order.

We’ve had a tub of mixed up photos brought to us with the simple instruction to tell a graduating senior’s life story. We turned that large pile of photos into a riveting DVD slide show of choice moments from his babyhood to his prom night. We didn’t even have to call the client – we figured out who belonged to whom and the full sequencing of the piece. No worries!

You are out making memories. That is SO great! Whether it’s a baby’s baptism or a boomers’ bowling tournament, such joy deserves to be both cherished and captured. And then taken out of the closet!

Now you can celebrate events like your parents’ Silver Anniversary or the Bowling Team tournament via digital photobooks or custom video clips that WE put together for you.  We do all the work, not only arranging the pictures in a way that packs an emotional punch, but also embellishing the images with graphics and call outs – even audio sound bites if you like.

So, what about that shoebox in your closet? Some of your finest memories are curling at the edges, collecting dust. Remember: it’s not just about getting the perfect shot—it’s about sharing them. So leave the storytelling to us.

Leave A Legacy can be both the producer and director of your next story. Find out how to bring your story to light by calling Marsha at 970-226-0102 or 303-623-0607.You can count on Leave A Legacy to make your experiences come vividly to life, for generations to enjoy.

We preserve memories with digital creations that are one of a kind. Your kind! 

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Happy New Year to all!

We hope that you had a wonderful Holiday Season filled with family, friends, and of course, good food!

2015 is going to be absolutely wonderful! A new year filled with excellent potential to create new memories as well as restore past ones!

Leave A Legacy is your one stop shop for everything when it comes to memory preservation. It’s time you got those old memories out of storage and bring them into Leave A Legacy!

With your imagination and our expertise, you can truly create something amazing!

Let’s start out with film. Remember those family films that your family made all those years ago? Remember the wonderful events? Family barbecues, vacations, birthdays, holidays, graduations, the list goes on and on. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a place that you could go and get all of them preserved? Oh wait! There is! Here at Leave A Legacy, we pride ourselves in helping new clients with their family film projects.

Bring in your old film and get it transferred to DVD. We can also transfer it to an external hard drive so you can make additional edits in the comfort of your home. If you don’t personally own any editing software, no problem, you are more than welcome to use our computers to do the work.


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