Preserving your family memories is something that is always put on the back burner. You will work on it later….when the kids go to school, when the kids go to college, when I retire, when I have free time, when it’s cold outside.  We always put it off to some later day….well that day very
 To facilitate pick up of completed work and drop off of new project materials we at present in store 9am-11am on Mondays. We will take your order via telephone (970-226-0102) or email (
Are your photos stuck on your iPhone? Do you want to save your iPhone photos on to your computer, or back them up on a flash drive? Here is the solution for you using Google Drive.
A pen with audio recorded on it, restoration of some young love birds, big bad audio intro to dad's radio program and info about Costco closing it's photo center.
The Photo Center in Costco of Fort Collins is closed (as of mid 2019) due to the decline in photo print orders it seems. Most of the big box stores and the home based businesses have gone by the wayside, leaving…..Leave A Legacy busier than ever. 

Memory Ideas Galore

Interesting Project included: Transferrred 40 Jaz and Zip drives for the Federal Bureau of Prisons and 100's of negatives for a client who wanted them digitized as part of her New Year's resolution.
The Print Cafe’s in store location in Fort Collins has closed but you can come visit Leave A Legacy who is here to stay. 
Leave A Legacy we can certainly make copies of your DVDs and CDs and yes, Leave A Legacy can rip your CDs and DVDs! I agree that it sounds violent, but your disc will not be harmed in the process.
What a crazy Holiday season we had. We were busier than ever (see some stats below).  Here are some highlights of what other people were giving as far as family memories go.
Our client, Jim, found some negatives of his ancestors in a collection from Brown-Harano Photography at the Lincoln County Historical Museum in Nebraska. Maybe they have negatives of your family too.