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CD To MP3 Conversion Fort Collins

CD To MP3 Conversion


We can help build your digital music collection

transfer cd to mp3 fileHave a huge collection of CDs that you can no longer play easily? Rest assured, Leave A Legacy is here to help. We can rip all of the files off of your playable CD and save them as mp3 files. MP3 files are much easier to handle.

MP3 files can be played on computers, smart TVs and a whole host of MP3 playing devices. MP3 files are typically more compressed which makes them much more portable.

Most new computers these days don’t have a CD player included. We’ve seen a big switch in our business where clients now want their files saved to an external hard drive or USB flash drive instead of CDs or DVDs.

Bring (or ship) all of your music or data CDs into Leave A Legacy in Fort Collins and Denver and we will rip the discs and put all of your files on a drive.

In addition to copying all of the files from your CD, we can also print photos or documents or create bound books, DVD slideshows or edit your photos.



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