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On Mar 23 2012, Leave A Legacy

Our Fort Collins and Denver studios have several Aspen Kiosks

Aspen Kiosk

available for you to work on your memory project.  Most clients choose to have our Leave A Legacy team do most of the work but some clients want to be more hands-on with their project.  Some of the things that clients do on our computers are:

  • proof a project before we burn disks or print (your first half hour is FREE!)
    • clients can use our computers over the internet to preview their film and video transfers. We can connect our computer to yours over the internet and you can watch what is playing on our computer from work or home.
  • rearrange photos in a DVD slideshow project (before we burn the disks)
  • design a photobook or add captions to a photobook that we laid out for them
  • scan photos with a basic flat bed scanner

Another advantage of working on our Aspen Kiosk’s is that help is close at hand. Just give a holler to one of our team members and we can help you when you get stuck.  When proofing we ask you to schedule an appointment to reserve your computer so that it will be ready for you when you come in.


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  1. Doug King May 17, 2012

    I’m looking to scan the pages of my wife’s scrapbook, but my scanner is too small. I need to be able to scan 12″x12″ pages. Does the kiosk have a scanner that can do that? If not how much would it cost me to get this done? There are about 20 pages.

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