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Large Local Project? Have truck, will travel.

Large estate scanning transfer serviceHave a large local project? Instead of bringing it to us, how about we pick it up from you?  Call us at 303-623-0607 and we’ll help you estimate your project and set up a time for us to pick it up.

How big is big? If you have a paper box (24”x12”x10”) or more full of any type of old media we’ll come and pick it up, do all of the transfer work that you need, and then deliver it back to you (Denver metro area please).

The only exception to this would be slides that are still in carousels…so let’s just say if you have over about 800 slides, we’ll come and pick it up.  If you are farther away, please ship it to us and we’ll ship your originals and your finished project back to you.  We have the best UPS driver, Dennis who will deliver it to us with extra TLC. What a great way to avoid all the Denver area traffic headaches.

Overwhelmed by an estate of family memories and don’t know what to do with it all? Leave A Legacy has the proven methods to handle it all.

Large estate scanning transfer serviceDon’t want to have to split up the whole collection of mom’s painting, dad’s writings or all the ancestors’ photos, films and memorabilia? Have us digitize it all for you.

Have the company’s archive of old images or documents that need to be digitized. We can handle it.

The valuables of a family estate are not just property and investments but also the priceless family memories captured onto all sorts of old media.

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