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Denver’s Best Photo Editing & Restoration Services

You name it we can do it. Leave A Legacy can do basic tasks such as crop, re-size, convert to black and white, lighten or brighten, increase contrast, convert to sepia or removing a few stray marks. Leave A Legacy can to over-the-top restorations and alterations as well. Some of our past claims to fame include:

  • Restoring a heavily damage photo or document
  • Colorizing a photo
  • Changing or removing the background
  • Removing unwanted people from photos (once replacing an old boyfriend with a bush)
  • Adjusting a lady’s harsh makeup
  • Removing dark circles under a bride and groom’s eyes
  • Removing a partial tattoo from a bride
  • Making a lady appear younger (no glasses, smile, bags under the eyes)
  • Adding people who are deceased into a family photo
  • Adding in missing parts of the image
  • Adjusting the neckline of a dress
  • Merging people from 3 photos into one family photo
  • Adding the dogs to the family Christmas photo

 Denver Photo Restoration

Digitize Photos to Preserve Them

So many precious family excursions, celebrations, and holidays have been captured on film.

Here are a few samples of what we can do for you!

  • Before-Familly Car
    After-Familly Car
    Before Familly Car After
  • Before-Portrait 1
    After-Portrait 1
    Before Portrait 1 After
  • Before-Child
    Before Child After
  • Before-History
    Before History After
  • Before-Restore Precious Memories
    After-Restore Precious Memories
    Before Restore Precious Memories After
  • Before-Play Ball
    After-Play Ball
    Before Play Ball After
  • Before-Portrait 2
    After-Portrait 2
    Before Portrait 2 After
  • Before-Senior
    Before Senior After
  • Before-VanThorre
    Before VanThorre After
  • Before-Soldier
    Before Soldier After
  • Before-Reunion
    Before Reunion After



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