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Denver’s Best Reel To Reel  To MP3 or CD Service

Denver Reel to Reel Tape Transfer to CD MP3

Denver Reel To Reel Transfer Pricing

  • ¼” reels: “3 reel transfer to mp3 or CD  – $23
  • ¼” reels: >3″reel transfer to mp3 or CD -$32
  • Break into tracks – $2.50 each

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Large Scanning Transfer Project

Denver Audio Transfer Types

¼”  Reel to Reel to CD/mp3 Transfer Service Denver, Colorado

Save your Reel to Reel tapes and preserve them for a lifetime by transferring them to a CD or mp3. Now you can listen to the golden standard that reel to reel once held on what analog audio should be. We work hard to ensure that your audio is never compressed or down converted so that the original sound plays through.

Reel-to-reel are very hard if not impossible to estimate the length of time on a given reel.  There are numerous variables like thickness of tape, size of reel, how many tracks were recorded on (between 1 and 4) and whether or not it was recorded in stereo.

Being a playable CD means that it will play in your standard CD player. If you recordings are longer than 80 minutes then it will require another disk and therefore another transfer charge.  As an alternative you may have us create mp3 files that will play in a computer and on various mp3 players.

Most people have the ¼” reel-to-reel tapes of audio. They are one half of width of audio tape that is found in an audio cassette tape.

Get your Reel To Reel converted at our Denver, Colorado location today!

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Large Scanning Transfer Project