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Turn Photos & Slides Into Digital Memory Books In Fort Collins

    Pricing Does not include scanning.

    Family History Book

    • 8.5″ x 11″ – $26.00 / copy
    • Hardcover – $20.00
    • 30 B&W Pages ($0.20/side) – $6.00

    Color Photobook  11″ x 8.5″

    • $58.00 W/border per copy
    • $70.00 border-less per copy
    • Photocover – $40.00
    • 30 Color pages w/ border ($0.59/side) – $18
    • 30 Color pages border-less ($1.00 / side) – $30

    Archival Book – 11″ x 8.5 $179.00

    • Buckram (canvas, library bind, foil stamp) – $60.00
    • 30 archival paper – full bleed – $3.95


    • None needed – Free
    • By you in the studio – $15/hr
    • Basic layout by our team – $1.50 / page
    • Full custom layout – $90 / hour

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    Here is a quick video on our book printing services:

    View our gallery of digital memory books here. 

    Archival Book

    Digital (or “computer”) scrapbooks are the wave of the scrapbooking future. It all happens on a computer – yours or ours. You create scrapbook pages just like you would with paper, scissors and glue–only this way, it’s no muss and no fuss!

    You can alter the picture sizes and shapes. Put in embellishments once and reproduce them many times. Print multiple copies. Change colors to coordinate with your theme.
    What flexibility!

    Scrapbook storytelling meets digital convenience.

    digital scrapbookingDigital scrapbooking enables you to incorporate pictures into many different backgrounds, with multiple decorative elements and caption possibilities, as well as to change-with the click of a mouse-the pictures that you choose for a page.  It’s simple, convenient…and so much fun!

    The collage pages are printable, so you can have copies to show friends and family, but more importantly, they’re digital, so you can preserve your special scrapbook for generations.

    PLUS you won’t have all that bulk to awkwardly store. Award ribbons and other 3D  mementos are captured in one digital image that can then be reproduced hundreds of times – and always look terrific!

    1. Let us make your scrapbook for you. You send us your pictures by post or drop them off yourself with as many or as few guidelines as you have in mind (backgrounds, borders, captions, order of photos, etc.) We create a digital scrapbook for you, allow you to proof it, make corrections…and voila!  We can print high-quality physical scrapbooks for you, and/or put the visual stories on a slide show DVD, or simply mail you the assembled files back for your own future use and adaptation.

    Another option is to make printable versions of the colorful pages you’ve designed at home.  You can send us the scrapbook pages that you made the traditional way at home and we can scan them in and reprint them or save them to disks.  You can also create digital scrapbook pages using software at home and then send us the files to print out and even bind for you.

    And of course, if you are on the Front Range, you can visit our studio location in Fort Collins, Colorado… where we’ll advise you in person about the best selection of colors, papers, patterns, and designs for your digital scrapbook.  Then leave your photographs with us and we’ll produce that lasting treasure you’ve been wanting!

    2. Do it yourself with Leave A Legacy as your guide! 
    Our Aspen Kiosks™ provide the perfect way for you to have a hand in the creation of your very own digital scrapbook, without needing to work on a computer at home. This way, you won’t have to load any scrapbook software on your home PC-instead, count on us to have all the templates and trim loaded in the amazing Aspen Kiosk ™. Bring your pictures in, have fun choosing from all the available background patterns and assorted embellishments, and enjoy yourself like never before!

    Plus, if you get stuck, Leave A Legacy is there to inspire and instruct you so that your digital scrapbook is a creative tour de force – the very best it can be.

    Best of all: a children’s play area is available at our studio so your creative instincts are uninterrupted!

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