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Document Scanning & Photocopies Services

Document Scanning Photocopy service

Document Scanning Pricing

  • $0.20 / side for <1000
  • $0.18 / side for >1,000
  • Separate folders of images $2.00

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Document Scanning & Photocopy Service Details

When scanning documents we usually save them as PDF-OCR.  PDF is a standard file type for documents.  OCR is less familiar. It means Optical Character Recognition.  This makes it possible for you to pull it into word processing software (like word) and edit the text.  We can scan both sides at the same time and the software will save them as individual pages, one after the other.  We can maintain whatever organization that you have by saving groups of pages into individual folders with the title of your choosing.

on-the-glassOur largest document scan project was for an owner of a national big box store.  We scanned in his personal and business related communications (15 large boxes shipped in via UPS) and organized them by folder and by year with a relatively short deadline and saved them all into an external hard drive. We scanned over 17,000 documents for this one client.


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