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Our Tips and Tricks

How to Make a Photo Album Digitally, Convert Slides to DVDs, and More

productThe Leave A Legacy team have been preserving photos and memorabilia for their customers for years —so they have plenty of ideas to share about the best and most fun ways to create lasting memories.

Our Tips and Tricks section will give you pointers about how to best use our services, as well as helpful hints for incorporating imagery into your life more.

There is also an infinite amount of information available on the Web about digital scrapbooking, photo editing ideas, and custom digital photo printing. We’ve provided you with links to our favorite sites to introduce you to worlds of digital photo preservation online!

Tips and Tricks

We’ve got loads of clever tricks and helpful tips to share with you.

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  • Try custom digital photo printing on coasters for a housewarming gift!
  • Can’t find prints of your old photos but have the negatives?  Our negative scanning service can help you preserve those memories that might have been lost forever!


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