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On Sep 17 2014,

We have several different 8mm film projectors and 16mm film projectors that you can check out. We have different ones at the Fort Collins and the Denver studios. Please call to reserve a projector to use at home. Some projectors are specific as to whether they will run super 8 film or regular 8 film or both. Please see our page on 8mm film to figure out which type you have. The bulbs in the projectors are rather hot so there is a risk of melting your film if it gets temporarily stuck. You may want to consider using an 8mm film viewer which is easier to operate and has a less powerful bulb. Each of the projectors that we rent out has DVD that goes with it to demonstrate how to operate it. Here is a link for how to use a Eumig R2000 projector. Film projectors are used to show movie films on an empty wall or large white screen. This can be a fun activity for family groups and gatherings (family reunions, holiday gatherings, school reunions, etc.). The solid white strip of at the beginning of each 8 mm or 16 mm film is called the leader. The purpose of it is so that you can lace this part through the projector or viewer and so that you don’t miss seeing any of your recorded film footage. See our other article on why rent a film viewer vs. projector

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