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On Oct 13 2010, Leave A Legacy

The authentic antique chuck wagon will help us to draw attention to our grand opening party at Leave A Legacy in Denver. Find us at 487 S. Broadway Suite 100 just West of Sam’s Club.

grand opening flyer

flyer for grand opening

We will have a full staff to answer your questions about preserving your memories with digital creations. We will show off our equipment for transferring 8mm films, 16mm films, video tapes of all sizes (8mm tape, VHS, VHSC, miniDV, 3/4 inch tapes and even Beta tapes).  We’ll be sharing how we transfer audio from cassettes, reel-to-reel, micro cassettes, records and even your old 8 track tape collection. We’ll show our solutions for scanning print photos, slides, negatives, artwork, maps, you name it.

Come with all your questions and meet some of our helpful and professional staff.

Let me know if you think it sounds like a fun event…and if you plan on coming!

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