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Traditionally most of our family photos are taken during Easter, Christmas and on Birthdays.  So here are some tips for you as you….get your cameras ready.

  1. Synchronize your cameras
    • If you have multiple photo shooters in your family, make sure that the time is set the same on all cameras. This will definitely help you keep your photos organized when you get around to downloading them on your computer.
  2. Document tradition
    decorating candy christmas trees

    candy christmas tree

    • what special traditions do you have in your family?  decorating candy trees, lighting an advent wreath, frosting and decorating cookies, singing carols,  lighting the menorah, performing in school musicals, you name it. Frequently, these special moments are left out of our collection of photos. Make a point of documenting all of your family’s traditions.
  3. Generation photos
    • Whether it’s the taking of a 3 or 4 generation photo or taking individual profile photos of each generation or getting a group photo of the whole gang gathered together….document this moment in time.

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