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It’s always a difficult time for a family, when a loved one passes away, whether sudden or expected.  It’s best to focus on making the family gathering a Celebration of Life. It is common for people to pull together a DVD slideshow to share at the service. One particular client had ideas for making it extra special.  They brought in the typical collection of photos of Grandma through the years. From when she was young, getting married, having children, having grandchildren and concluding with her final years of failing health. They also brought in a video recording of her two young grandchildren (about 5 and 2 years old) singing “You are My Sunshine”.  It was just precious. We transferred the video tape to the computer and then separated the audio of their singing off and added it to the end of the slideshow.  They also brought in a piece of art that the older of the two girls had colored for Grandma.  So the slideshow started with a beginning title screen and showed all of the photos with the music they had chosen, then it showed the granddaughter’s art at the end while the audio of “You are My Sunshine” played.  It was just too sweet. When the mother and two young girls came into the studio to pick it up, the mother handed me a rock and told me that it was from her daughter (she was too shy to tell me herself).  The rock was obviously just one that she picked up in the driveway. She said that it was a thank you gift for doing the slideshow for her grandma.  I still have the rock on a display shelf in the studio to remember this special token of thanks from a little girl who misses her Grandma.

Need some inspiration to find just the right song for the Memorial Slideshow that you are working on?  Check out this list of Memorial Slideshow Song suggestions.

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