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Memory Card Recovery Service


We can help recover lost data from your memory cards

memory card recovery serviceWhew! We all have a collection of them of all different sizes. Whether your photos and videos are stored on SD cards, MiniSD cards, MicroSD cards, smart media cards, compact flash cards or a memory stick, Leave A Legacy can access them and copy or move all of the files to a flash drive or other modern digital media of your choice. You no longer have to fear losing all of your photos on obsolete media.

Photos and videos of today are captured on all sorts of digital memory cards and devices. Many clients bring in their devices and ask us to help the back them up, get them off of their device to free up space or create a playable DVD of their videos and photos. Grab all of your digital devices and let Leave A Legacy help you to preserve those priceless memories.

Leave A Legacy can take all of those files and organize them by the date they were taken. From there we can layout a digital book for you and print and bind it all in house. We can create a viewable DVD slideshow. We can sort all of the images into folders for each year. We can also print the images from all these memory cards.

Memory Card Recovery Story

Leslie brought in the micro mini SD card from her husband’s phone and had us put all of the photos from this year on a data DVD for her and put all of the video segments that he shot this past year on playable DVDs. Who would have expected that the little card the size of my pinky fingernail would have thousands of photos and seven and a half hours of video footage on it. The subject of the photos and videos was their two little children so the five DVDs will be quite a treasure.

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