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Allow Leave A Legacy to have a hand in personalizing your big event. What’s designed just for you may well turn out to be a family keepsake.

Here are just a few ideas.

bullet Weddings


  • Put the happy couple’s photo on a gorgeous invitation.
  • Give out photo favors or chocolates – with a beautiful picture of the new couple on them.
  • Think about photo gifts for the attendants
  • Create a DVD slide show of the happy couple’s single history – up to today!
  • Project DVD slide shows onto a large wall or screen with a rental projector from Leave A Legacy.
  • Place cards, placemats, trivets…the rehearsal dinner can be commemorated with infamous quips and quirky poses of the best man or maid of honor!

…and don’t forget to preserve the memories of the Wedding Day itself with a customized, yet affordable, wedding digital scrapbook—one for each guest who came, and a special one for the happy couple.

bullet Births


The birth of your child or grandchild is an event to cherish forever. Leave A Legacy will help you keep your images organized and in a format your family can enjoy!

  • Give your baby shower guests digital image trinkets: baby-themed chocolates, tote bags, and more!
  • Bring or send us your digital photos of “baby’s firsts,” and we’ll create a lovely digital baby memory book or baby digital scrapbook commemorating all of those important first events – christenings, birthdays, first tooth, first step, first smile, first date? –oops, let’s not get ahead of ourselves!
  • Put the image of your newborn on birth announcement cards to send out to family and friends.

bullet Graduation


  • Create a DVD slide show of your grad growing up, from baby to bachelor’s degree!
  • Celebrate the proud graduate with a digital scrapbook of his or her academic accomplishments.
  • Print a picture of the happy grad on a t-shirt or card to send to far-away relatives.
  • Film the ceremony; we’ll add music or splice in still photos to create an exciting DVD your family will watch again and again!

bullet Bar or Bat Mitzvah


  • There’s nothing like a DVD slide show of the 13-year-old’s growing up – how he or she got to be the confident young man or woman they are today.
  • Welcome guests with photo favors, on mugs, tiles, T-shirts, key chains, and more.
  • Wide-format printed banners will celebrate the young man or woman on this special day!
  • Remember the significant coming-of-age event with a digital scrapbook of all of your photos of the 13 year old growing up.
  • Scan gift cards and Hebrew lesson plans and then surround them with embellishments in your digital scrapbook.
  • Videotape the ceremony and we’ll create a montage of still photos matched with your video footage, adding the music and titles of your choice!

bullet Housewarming

house warming

  • Welcome the new homeowners with trivets, tiles, mugs, dishes, prints and more – all with a specially chosen image of their new dwelling printed right on it!

bullet Birthday

birthdayWe are birthday party specialists!

  • Create a DVD slide show of pictures of the birthday boy or girl (or grandpa or grandma!) at all of their previous ages—everyone gets a kick out of these!
  • Make the party extra-special with photo favors – puzzles, T-shirts, key chains, or posters – with the birthday girl or boy’s face printed on them.
  • Remember the special day with a digital scrapbook of the still photos you’ve taken.
  • Capture the event on video, and let Leave A Legacy edit it into a fun film.

bullet Reunions


  • What better way to start your get-together weekend with far-flung family by giving out the same T-shirt for all to wear? Print your logo or special image on a T-shirt, or other products, for everyone.
  • Scan old photos that you haven’t been able to share with the whole family before. Then put them into a DVD slide show to be projected—or make special books for all the guests to take home!
  • Don’t forget to capture the event for those far away and put it all into a digital scrapbook.

bullet Celebrating A Life

celebrating a life

  • We can to help you celebrate your loved one’s life with joyful, plentiful memories. We provide expedited services at no extra charge for memorial services.
  • We’ll create a DVD slide show from all of your old photos, reminding family and friends of the many happy times your loved one left as a legacy.
  • Put your loved one’s photo on the objects of your life, to make his or her presence a part of your everyday.
  • Large-format digital prints can become beautiful reminders at a service or funeral.
  • We can create a beautiful Memorial Folder with any photos, documents, or objects you want to include.

bullet Church Event Memories

church event memories

  • “Faithbooking” is the new art of scrapbooking a congregation’s feelings, accomplishments, prayers, services, and missions. All events related to one’s faith can be chronicled and shared.
  • An equivalent to a quilting bee, church members can find yet another common activity to pursue–and thus build–their bonds.

We can transfer pictures of children, grandparents, couples, pets and scenery to purses, jewelry, cutting boards, desk items, puzzles…even a T-shirt for your pet! So remember us for digital wedding scrapbooks, baby digital scrapbooks, presents, favors, team T-shirts, and so much more. Please contact us about your special event, and we’ll brainstorm what Leave A Legacy’s role can be from the onset of the planning stage.