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Design a Photo Book, DVD Transfer Services, Photo Gifts, and More.

We can help you turn your creative ideas into lifelong memories.

A walk into our studio in Fort Collins, Colorado is like going back in time. You’ll hear audio rewinds of Grandpa saying over and over again, “I was in the Korean War when Ike came by.” A wide format printer is running off a collage of the family reunion–100 smiling cousins-wide. And a Super 8 film of a family’s trip to California is getting transferred onto DVD–complete with the sun setting behind a desert Holiday Inn®.

Whether it’s helping you to design a photo book online, or do a dvd transfer of old family films, we’re here to guide you every step of the way and give you ideas on how to shine a light on your legacy.

We can help you turn your creative ideas into lifelong memories.
Take those albums and movies off the shelf.

Leave A Legacy is Denver and Fort Collins, Colorado’s own memory station. Bring or send us your slides, old prints, Super 8 movies, VHS, audio cassettes, even your 4H ribbons – we’ll find the best way to preserve your precious memories and make them worth sharing proudly.

What valuable memories do you have languishing in your shoeboxes?

bullet Old photos?

old photos

We can scan your old photos and reprint them, digitize them for use in digital scrapbooks or DVD slide shows, and more. Wondering how to make a photo album that will last you for years to come? Ask Leave A Legacy: we’ve got the answer!

bullet Old family films and videos?

old family films and videos

Whether they’re 8mm, Super 8, VHS, even Beta…we’ll transfer any format of films or videos to DVD for future generations to cherish.

How can we help preserve your memories?


bullet DVD Slide Shows

dvd slides

Bring us your digital photo files (or even old prints!) and we’ll make entertaining slide shows which will be great “centerpieces” for birthdays, anniversaries, graduation parties, class and family reunions, memorial services, and more!

bullet Film Transfers to DVD

Film Transfers to DVD

Don’t let your family films go unseen and unpreserved. Your fiancée would LOVE to see you as an inquisitive toddler. Wouldn’t your family enjoy seeing Grandma and Grandpa on a cross-country trip in their Rambler station wagon? Bring all this priceless footage – whether on 8mm film, VHS, or even Betamax(!) to Leave A Legacy, and we’ll do a DVD transfer of your movies onto Gold Archival DVDs, lasting several lifetimes.

bullet Digital Scrapbooks

Digital Scrapbooks

Think you don’t know how to make a photo album that will be captivating for generations? Let us help. Growing quickly in popularity, digital scrapbooks are a fun, easy way to organize and then show off your photos, incorporating captions, embellishments, commentary, and more. Say goodbye to bulk and hello to multiple copies of the same 3D-like pages.

bullet Printed Photobooks

Printed Photobooks

Create a one-of-a-kind coffee table book filled with your favorite photos, embellishments, and captions. We’ll help you design a photo book online, or come down to our Denver or Fort Collins studio to spend creative time with our artistic staff.

bullet Scans


We have a high resolution, top quality photo scanner on site to scan slides, negatives, artwork (especially children’s), oversized items, completed scrapbook pages, maps, news articles, large oval prints, and so much more.

bullet Photo Restoration

photo restoration

A priceless, beloved old photo isn’t lost forever when it’s torn, damaged by water, or bleached by the sun. Our restoration services use the latest technology to get your photo back to the vivid, precious picture it once was.

bullet Digital Design Services

Digital Design Services

Need a logo or graphic design for your business? Our experienced Leave A Legacy visual professionals can help you create a superb impression on a reasonable budget. Plus we’ve got the latest high-tech software and equipment, like high resolution flat bed scanners, right here in the studio.

bullet Wholesale Services

wholesale services

We do photo scanning and movie transfers for local and long distance businesses that can’t accommodate all of their clients’ needs. Call and ask about our bulk rate prices!

The list of services we can provide is endless, but best of all, we can customize any project to suit your deadlines, your needs, and your memories. Come down to the Leave A Legacy studio with your photos, films, memory sticks and ideas! Contact us by phone or email, or Get an Online Quote on a project.

Leave A Legacy is a meaningful, fun way to preserve your memories. Get creative with us today and get all those pictures out of the shoeboxes forever!