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Photo Editing & Restoration Services In Fort Collins

You name it we can do it. Leave A Legacy can do basic tasks such as crop, re-size, convert to black and white, lighten or brighten, increase contrast, convert to sepia or removing a few stray marks. Leave A Legacy can to over-the-top restorations and alterations as well. Some of our past claims to fame include:

  • Restoring a heavily damage photo or document
  • Colorizing a photo
  • Changing or removing the background
  • Removing unwanted people from photos (once replacing an old boyfriend with a bush)
  • Adjusting a lady’s harsh makeup
  • Removing dark circles under a bride and groom’s eyes
  • Removing a partial tattoo from a bride
  • Making a lady appear younger (no glasses, smile, bags under the eyes)
  • Adding people who are deceased into a family photo
  • Adding in missing parts of the image
  • Adjusting the neckline of a dress
  • Merging people from 3 photos into one family photo
  • Adding the dogs to the family Christmas photo

Digitize Photos to Preserve Them

So many precious family excursions, celebrations, and holidays have been captured on film.

Here are a few samples of what we can do for you!

  • Before-Familly Car
    After-Familly Car
    Before Familly Car After
  • Before-Portrait 1
    After-Portrait 1
    Before Portrait 1 After
  • Before-Child
    Before Child After
  • Before-History
    Before History After
  • Before-Restore Precious Memories
    After-Restore Precious Memories
    Before Restore Precious Memories After
  • Before-Play Ball
    After-Play Ball
    Before Play Ball After
  • Before-Portrait 2
    After-Portrait 2
    Before Portrait 2 After
  • Before-Senior
    Before Senior After
  • Before-VanThorre
    Before VanThorre After
  • Before-Soldier
    Before Soldier After
  • Before-Reunion
    Before Reunion After



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