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Denver Studio
145 W. Alameda Ave
Denver, CO 80223
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Fort Collins Studio
1827 E Harmony Road
Fort Collins, Colorado 80528
(970) 226-0102

Crunch, crackle, whine. The disheartening sound of your VCR or video camera eating your precious memories saved on your video tape. Worry no more!  Leave A Legacy has the magic touch and a few tricks up our sleeves to fix that tape that has been partly chewed.  The case can even be cracked and crushed and we can fix it.  If the repair lets us use the original case then it is charged at the lower price. If the video tape case itself is damaged and needs to be replaced then we charge the higher price.  Rest assured that Leave A Legacy will come to the rescue when it comes to damaged memories or damaged videos for that matter.  We can also fix most broken audio cassettes.  If your film breaks we will fix it with a good old fashioned splice for no charge with most project.

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