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Bob brought in an 8-track tape of the 1977 Seven Man Championship football game radio broadcast. He was interviewed on the radio and part of the pregame broadcast. We can of course transfer 8-track tapes to a playable CD or to mp3 files.  However, this tape had gotten itself wound too tightly on itself and wouldn’t play.  8-track tapes are amazing bit’s of engineering to me.  The tape has to consistently wind up on the outside of the spool as it consistently unwinds from the inside of the spool to play the continuous strip of audio tape.  This one was wound too tightly so that it couldn’t unwind from the inside.  In order to fix it we said a few prayers and then completely unwound and rewound (more loosely) the audio tape.  It is time consuming and pain but with stars aligned we were able to repair it and then transfer it to several playable CDs.  When I called him this morning to let him know that we were successful he was very happy and said that we “made his day”.  He will be sharing one CD with the parents of the quarter back.

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