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Bob a very friendly business man of Denver came to our Leave A Legacy

Bobs faded photo that we scanned

Bobs faded photo that we scanned

studio in Denver with a very special project. He had large folders containing special historical family photos. The photos in the first folder were particularly interesting to him and he wanted them restored as necessary.  We scanned all of his photos to make them digital.  A 8″ x 10″ photo of his wife has definitely faded from its original beauty.

Bob's photo that we restored

Bob's photo that we restored

This photo needed more than a quick fix. We took note of what color different parts of the photo should be.  He said that the sweater was navy, the hat was royal blue, here eyes were blue green and her hair was blond.  He was happy with the result….and I’m sure his wife was too.  Projects like this are quite rewarding. We at Leave A Legacy in Denver we happy to have been able to restore this youth.

Can you remember what color things should be in your family photos that have faded?


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