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On Jan 23 2014, Leave A Legacy

We love helping you with your Legacy Project. Write a review (please click on a link below) and please tell about how we did and we’ll take $10 off your next Leave A Legacy project! Just print out the page showing your review or email us a screenshot.

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  1. John A. Graham, PhD February 6, 2014

    I have been holding onto hundreds of feet of old 8 mm color film, much of it sixty to seventy-five years old. In the past, I looked into paying to get the film converted to an electronic format, but thoughts of: 1) finding a lab with high quality standards and then, 2) sending the precious film out of town, kept me from doing anything. On a lark, I asked a a photographer friend what he would do and, to my great surprise, he recommended a place in town—Leave A Legacy.

    I took one-thousand feet of the film to Leave A Legacy, and now I’m sharing the footage with my siblings and children. My daughters know little of their great grandparents and almost nothing about their great great grandparents, but these films bring all of them back to us.

    I couldn’t be happier with the results. Leave A Legacy flexibly met my needs, produced high quality work, quickly, and in the format I needed to view and edit the films on my Mac computer (they can produce files for any computer). I was able to download large files from the web, and I also bought two playable DVDs—one for each daughter.

    I highly recommend this locally owned lab and will use them again for more ancient film.

  2. admin February 12, 2014

    Thank you for your kind comments John. We were honored to help you preserve those family memories in time so that you could share them with your mother.

  3. Christina Lopez February 22, 2014

    I had some 8mm cassettes that needed to be transferred to DVD and asked around work to see if anyone know where to go. I got a referral from a co-worker for Leave A Legacy. I was very happy to be able to find a local business in town. Staff was very friendly and DVDs are of the best quality. I will definitely go back to Leave A Legacy for all my digital/memory needs.

  4. admin February 22, 2014

    Christina, thank you for you positive comments. We were glad to help you make it so that you can see, enjoy and share the memories captured on your video tapes. -Marsha

  5. John Hirn April 6, 2014

    This is the second time I have been to Leave a Legacy, once for a 1950s record turned digital and this last time to convert a few of our old home videos to digital. Not only did they do a great job and returned it in less than a week, but the staff is very friendly and extremely helpful too. I have been telling everybody in Fort Collins this is the place to go for digital conversion of analog media. We have many more home videos to convert, so we will be back. Thanks!!!

  6. Kathy Jackson May 4, 2015

    I am so thankful to Leave a Legacy for doing a beautiful celebration of Life video for my Mom. From the first phone call to them they were professional, friendly, and helpful. They offered suggestions to make the slide show extra special. Thank you so much!

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