16 mm Film To DVD Denver

Denver 16mm Film To DVD Pricing

  • HD 16mm Transfer (cleaned) – $0.45 /ft
  • Std. Def.16mm Transfer- $0.20 /ft

Output Format Pricing

  • 16mm To Blue-ray- $48
  • 16 mm To Gold DVD – $40
  • 16mm To DVD or File/1800′ – $30
  • Every Frame File $30


16mm Film To DVD Transfer Service Details Denver, Colorado

Here is a great tip on how you can tell how much your order will cost depending on how long your 8mm film reel is:

We have converted a lot of 16mm film to DVD for amateur home customers and professional producers alike. Our state of the art 16mm film transfers are done frame by frame so that you will receive the highest quality transfer. Because of how large 16mm films are and our detail-oriented process, it’s recommended to have your film transferred onto Blue-ray discs.

In order to meet everyone’s budget our pricing is structured based upon two different definition standards: Standard definition and HD. Converting your 16mm film to DVD or HD Blu-ray is the best way to preserve your family’s memories for years to come.  Click here to read about the benefits of our film transfer process.

Leave A Legacy sets itself apart by not only allowing you to edit your video in studio, but also giving you the raw files so that you can edit it with editing software on your home computer.

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