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video transfer to DVD

We consider it a straight transfer when we transfer directly from a video tape to a disc. This process does not allow editing of your video but is the least expensive option. See Edited transfer for information on the option that allows you to do editing of your videos. We can take virtually any video tape and convert it to disc. Some production video tapes and odd ball tapes have an additional charge. Before we transfer your tape we will “time them out”. Timing out involves running a tape in a player to figure out how much time has been recorded on it. If your video is longer than two hours then it will require an additional straight transfer charge. Often times our client’s video tapes are shorter than two hours which allows us to combine more than one tape on to a single DVD. There is an additional charge for each “additional source”. Different types of tape usually have different lengths of video on them when they are full. Below is a chart of the different types of video tapes and how long of a recording is typically on them.


Max length

Typical length


2-6 hours

2 hours or less


30-90 minutes

30 minutes

Mini DV

60 minutes

60 minutes

8mm tapes

2 hours

2 hours


2-6 hours

2 hours

Different types of video tapes can be combined onto one DVD (adding up to 2 hours or less). Think about upgrading your memories to gold archival DVDs, adding labels or doing an edited transfer instead.



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