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Super 8mm To DVD or Digital File Transfer Services In Fort Collins

Super 8 mm Film to DVD or Digital File transfer Service

Super 8mm Film To DVD or Digital File Pricing

  • High Def. Super 8mm Transfer (cleaned) – $0.40 / ft
  • Standard Def. Super 8mm Transfer  – $0.15 / ft

Output Format Pricing

  • Super 8mm To Blue-ray or Gold DVD – $30
  • Super 8mm To DVD or File/1800′ – $20
  • Every Frame File $20

View our film editing services here. 

Media sources For Transfer

Super 8mm Transfer Service Details

 Here is a great tip on how you can tell how much your order will cost depending on how long your Super 8mm film reel is:

8mm Film Length By Size

  Here at Leave a Legacy, we know the importance of selecting a trustworthy super 8 film to DVD or Digital File transfer company. All of our Super 8mm film transfer services are done frame by frame so that you receive the highest possible quality down to the greatest detail. We offer two different types of quality for our transfer services: Standard and HD quality. Standard definition is an affordable option to have your film transferred to a DVD, Gold DVD or hard drive. Super 8mm to HD conversion is perfect for transfer onto Blue-ray, Gold DVD or to a hard drive. We handle all of our Super 8mm film transfers in house, so we never ship it out to an outsourcing company. Click here to read about the benefits of our film transfer process.

Leave A Legacy sets itself apart by not only allowing you to edit your video in studio but also can give you the raw files so that you can edit it with editing software on your home computer.

Here is a quick video on 8mm film footage of Badlands of South Dakota

Here is a video on fun dog clips from film transfer

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