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On Feb 2 2012, Leave A Legacy

I thought I’d document a bit of why we are in the Leave A Legacy business, serving Fort Collins, Northern Colorado, Denver Metro area and around the world for that matter.

My memory has always been poor. While others can remember which grade they learned long division in or cursive handwriting, I am lucky to remember where I left my cell phone.  I just don’t have many memories from my



childhood. I must have been present during the events of my life but I just didn’t stick in my noggin. That is part of the reason why I began Leave A Legacy. Our memories and our lives are so fleeting. We want to be the place to help you preserve your memories with digital creations (wow, that’s actually our tag line!).  We may not have done anything remarkable that will go down in history but I want to encourage everyone to preserve the memories and experiences of their lives. Many of the projects we get are the transferring of analog memories to digital media. All of those video tapes, films, audio recordings, slides and photos….they all contain pieces of our lives that ought to be preserved for later generations. All of us have a story to tell. All of us want to be remembered for more than just our birth and death dates and where we lived.  Why Leave A Legacy? Because everyone has a story to tell even if it’s just that your brother once chased you around the house with the scissors to cut your hair off….

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