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Welcome to Leave A Legacy

Preserving Memories With Digital Creations

We'll help you save your precious memories so that you can view them in today's mediums.

No media type is too old. From Slides, Negatives, Film, Tapes and more. View a full list of our services below!

Photo Scanning Service

Bring in your shoebox full of images for our

Photo Scanning & Organizing Service

We'll help you digitize your old photographs

No media type is too old. From Slides, Negatives and old photographs. We can even touch up scratched and damaged slides and photos.


Helping You Enjoy Your Memories Again

We'll take your memories and digitize them to the media of your choosing and organize them for you to enjoy for years to come.

Ok, So Why Leave A Legacy?

We're The Leading VHS To DVD Transfer Company

Leave A Legacy is Colorado’s own memory station. Bring your slides, old prints, Super 8 movies, VHS, audio cassettes, even your 4H ribbons to either our Denver or Fort Collins, Colorado locations. We’ll find the best way to preserve your precious moments, get them out of those dusty shoeboxes… and make them easy and fun to share.

Here are a couple things you need to know about us: 

  • We're a local and family owned business
  • Our high-tech lab is located in Fort Collins, Colorado
  • We have been serving families since 2006
  • Our work quality is second to none all while being competitively priced.
  • We don't believe in a phone tree! We have humans answer the phone to handle your project.


The anti-showbox brigade - that's Leave A Legacy!

  • Full Service Film Transfer

    For your old 8mm, Super 8mm and 16mm to digital files.
  • Declutter Your Old Video Shelving

    Convert your old VHS, Betacam, Betamax and other cassets into digital files and declutter your dusty shelves.
  • Bring Photographs To Life!

    Don't let your negatives, slides and old photos sit in dusty boxes. Get them digitized today!

Our Services

Film Transfer Services

What makes our film transfer service so awesome? Our new equipment has a cutting edge capture process that is 100% flicker free, captures each and every frame of your film without contact with your actual images, and uses a high definition movie scanner (not a camera).

Our film transfer service can output your film into your choice of DVD or Blu-ray, a video file, raw unedited film and you can even have every frame saved as a jpg.

View our film services below:

Video Transfer Services

Video Transfer Services

Do you have a huge stack of VHS, camcorder, betamax, betacam or 8mm video just sitting on your shelves? Let the Legacy team safely transfer your old media to a digital format of your choosing for security and posterity.

We can transfer any of this old video or film footage to DVD, Blu-ray or digital files.  The digital files we give you can be MOV, AVI, mpg2, mpg4 or a variety of other file types.

View our Video transfer services below: 

Audio Transfer Services

How many audio cassettes do you have in storage containers? Don’t they deserve to be heard? We can transfer all of your old audio media to either a CD or MP3 file for you to listed to.

Even if your audio media has background noise, or is quite or too loud, we can help clean up and modify audio files to fit your listening style.

View our Audio transfer services below: 

Audio Transfer Services

Scanning Services

Do you have boxes upon boxes of old prints, slides, negatives, or documents? Old diplomas, certificates, and other documents that you don’t want to lose track of?

We offer high-quality scanning services to quickly replicate your document in a digital format.

View our Document Scanning services below: 

Digital Transfer Services

One fast growing area with Leave A Legacy is our Digital media conversion. As all of the devices today record and save in the digital media, we help you recover, organize and store all digital media for years to come.

Whether you need help restoring data from your cell phone, tablet, memory card or would like converting a DVD to an MP4, Leave A Legacy can help.

View our Digital transfer services below: 

Digital Media Transfer

Leave A Legacy Review

Leave A Legacy helped Scott Sherbert convert his dad's WWII log made into a digital file and custom document for preview. Scott's dad spent two years in a German prisoner of war camp and he wanted to preserve his log into this display as well as into books for the family. 

Listen to his story. 


How ToGet Started

Our process is simple to help you convert your old media to the latest technology.

Step 1

Box up all of your media and either send it to one of our locations or bring it by.

Step 2

Our team of ultra specialized team members will convert your media to the format of your choosing.

Step 3

We'll either ship your new media back to you or let you know that everything is ready for pickup!

Our Latest News

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Wha’sup?…at Leave A Legacy

Highlights of the last month include restoration of cute faded photo of our client, transfer of old family video tapes, photo printing of one location photographed on two different days, historical albums and photos scanned and printed and long lost negatives revived.
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Remembering a Loved One

A collection of ideas to help you remember a loved one. Ideas include a slideshow, photobook, marvelous quotes, scanning photo albums, poetry book, sympathy card book and a large photo reprint. Let us know how you want to remember your loved one.
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Unique requests and Blasts from the Past

Newspaper about Japan surrender from 1942, interesting photos from 1970 and 1909, 8-track mix recording transferred, video of a twirler on a cruise ship, joke gifts made from photos, tiny prints for a locket for a daughter.


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