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Leave A Legacy is your place to have custom cards created. We can use any image you have, large or small (slides, negatives, print photos, digital photos, art work, newspapers, posters and more).

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Printing Services Fort Collins, Colorado

Custom Card Printing

We have the scanners for all of these types of media. If your item is over sized we can scan that too. Our largest scanner goes up to 12” x 17.2”.

If your item is larger than that we will scan it in sections and have our computer stitch it back together. It does such a great job that you won’t be able to tell the difference between it and the original.

Cards can be folded or flats, printed on one side or be double sided. Our time for designing is $60/hr. Typical sizes are:

  • 4.5” x 5.5” (invitation size) $5 for one, $32 for a set of 20
  • 4” x 8” (flats in a business sized envelope) $4 for one, $28 for a set of 20
  • 5” x 7” (flat or folded) $5 for one, $36 for a set of 20
  • Other custom size…..we just might not have an envelope for it!
  • Design? We are only limited by your imagination. Collage, individual photo framed and centered, with captions, you name it! If you took the photo or you drew the artwork we can certainly add your name and location to the back of the card or anywhere else for that matter.

Don’t have quite the photo you want for your card? We do restorations and photo editing. Sandy wanted her Jeep to be driving in the snow for her Christmas card so we just merged two photos together to get the look she was looking for.

Card Printing Fort Collins

Before we hit print we’d love you to proof your card and request any changes or adjustments you would like.

Want to include a lot of text, no problem there either? We’ve added a whole letter to the inside of some greeting cards.

Volume? Large or small it doesn’t matter to us. We can make you 1 or 100! We can create any quantity you want. We usually sell individuals or groups of 20 but we can do anything in between and beyond.

Envelope Printing

Sure, they are included unless it is some odd size. Mostly we have basic white envelopes but we also have some clear envelopes (4.25×5.5, 4×8, or tri-fold letter sized) for just a bit extra. How fun for them to see your beautiful card even before you open it. We can print on your white envelopes too….if you’d like.

Photo Calendars Printing:

They are great for chronicling each passing year. Choose the photos for each month and choose one for the cover for the receiver to see when they first get it.

For some clients we add a small photo on the date of each family member’s birthday to make it really special and custom. Again, you can order 1 or 100.

You can make a unique calendar for each person or make them all the same. You aren’t just limited to snapshots at Leave A Legacy. Bring in old slides, artwork, you name it and we will make them in to a modern calendar.

Brochure Printing:

We design and print all of product and pricing brochures in house…..we might as well print yours as well. Tell us what you are looking for and we will help you create it! Printing brochures start out at $1.18/ brochure and that is even if you order just one!

Memorial Folder/Program Printing:

Fully custom once again! Usually they are 8.5” x 5.5”. Cost for printing is again $1.18/program with folding included. Tell us what you are looking for and we will create it.

You can include photos of course and as much text as you would like. Have a special old photo to include on the front? We can scan nearly anything, including slides, old photos, negatives, artwork, photos from an album, you name it.

The program can be any color you want because we design it on the computer and print it out on a white page. You will be able to proof your memorial folder (via email or stopping in) before we hit the presses to be sure that everything is just as you’d like it.

Every project is unique. Use the buttons below to get started or call us at (970) 226-0102 for Ordering & Questions:

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