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Creating digital files from DVDs

Technology changes all too fast but Leave A Legacy can help you out! Many computers these days don’t include a DVD player in them.  Most new tv’s are “smart” TVs which are equipped with a USB and HDMI ports. What’s more is that some people want to have their own personal library of movies on their media server. So if you don’t have time to covert all of your Dvd’s into a high resolution mp4, then drop them off, we’d love to help!

Build Your Own Home Media Server!

At Leave A Legacy we can not only transfer your old videos to digital files but we can also convert your playable DVDs to digital files.  We typically save these on an external hard drive for you. We will give you files that are most compatible with your device (PC or Mac). 

We can sell you an external hard drive that is compatible with both PC and Mac computer/devices and save all of your digital files to it.  If you already have an external hard drive, you can bring that in and we’ll save the files to it for you.  Then you will be all set.  You can view it on your smart TV or on your computer.

See our article on DVD-R, DVD+R and DVD-RW to know the difference of these different DVD formats.  Know with confidence that Leave A Legacy in Fort Collins and Denver can work with all these different types of media.

These are not very popular with most people but some people have DVD-RAM discs.  DVD-RAM (Digital Video Disc-Random Access Memory) is simply another format of DVD. We can transfer DVD-RAM (4.7GB) that are either in or out of cartridges but cannot work with the 6 nor 5.2GB discs. Other formats of discs are DVD-R and DVD+R.  At Leave A Legacy, Inc. in Fort Collins and Denver, Colorado we are able to read DVD-RAM discs and can transfer them to more typical DVD-R discs or transfer them to digital files (mpg2 or mpg 4).

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