Floppy, Zip and Jaz Transfer

Zip, Floppy and Jaz Transfer Pricing: 

  • Floppy Disk: $14 each 
  • Zip or Jaz Disk: $14 each


Floppy Disk, Zip Disk and Jaz Drive Transfer Service Details

Have any of these old discs (Floppy, Jaz or Zip) holding long lost information that you’d like to see again? At Leave A Legacy we can access your old files from you floppy, Jaz, and Zip discs (PC formatted and MAC formatted).

Our Leave A Legacy Kiosks and our Leave A Legacy Team have the know-how to connect these old data storage devices and copy them to your modern flash drive or save your files to a CD.

The amount of storage available on the old floppy, jaz and zip discs is quite minimal compared to today’s devices. We can typically save all the files from a whole stack of these discs to a single CD or flash drive.

Past clients have captured photos, documents and military files from their floppy, jaz, and zip discs.

Bring in your Floppy discs, jaz discs, and zip discs to Leave A Legacy today!

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