One of the best ways to make good use of digital photos is to organize them into a DVD slide show, and watch your photos on TV (or on your PC)! A basic slideshow starts at $70.

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Scan Old Photos, Digitize Slides – Recreate and Modernize Slide Shows

In the “old days,” we used to watch actual slides on a projection screen—remember that? Those gatherings of family and friends, all watching memories together, don’t have to be a thing of the past. In fact, with DVD slide shows, you can press just one button and enjoy a splendid chronicle of the best of times, without the hassle of putting those cardboard slides into those finicky little slots.

Best yet, it’s simple to have Leave A Legacy make your digital slide show. Just send us the photos you’d like to show off, and we’ll put the whole thing together for you. You can have as much or as little input as you like as to the order and grouping of the photos. And we can even add titles, narration, video clips, and music!

It’s so simple. All you have to do is drop off or send in your pile of photos. We’ll convert all those stills into something really moving.

Our DVD slide shows have been very popular for events of all sorts in our hometown of Fort Collins. Old photographs can also be scanned and added to digital slide shows: for an anniversary, birthday, or retirement party, consider digging out those pictures and surprising guests with an extra bit of personal history.  Need to rent a projector to show your slideshow at your event?  We have one available to rent at a daily rate.  Then you can project it large on your large screen or blank wall.

On request, DVD slide shows can also come on Gold Archival DVDs, which are made specifically to resist scratches and last for years and years. And years.

Your shoe box, even your computer’s hard drive, are no place to store your photos permanently. You should put your most cherished images in 3 copies in a least 2 different types of media (hard drive, cloud, disc, hard copy) and at more than one location (your home, your office, your parent’s or kids’ home) for the safest storage.

Helpful Tip:
If you’re at all worried about your old photos fading or worse, try our old photo restoration services, and bring your aged prints to our location in Fort Collins. Old photographs deserve the Leave A Legacy treatment—we’ll scan them in and preserve them for your future generations!

Here is an example slideshow that we crafted of a clients trip to the Baltic sea with shifting and panning.

Here is a sample wedding slideshow that we created.

And here is a 50th Anniversary slideshow that we crafted.

And here is a 90th birthday slideshow that we crafted.

Every project is unique. Use the buttons below to get started or call us at (970) 226-0102 for Ordering & Questions:

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