USB Flash Drive Transfer

We all have loads of USB flash drives floating around that contain a variety of photo and video files that we don’t want to lose. For some it may be simple enough to do yourself but sometimes you just need someone to get it done for you.


Leave A Legacy can rescue all of the files from all of your USB flash drives and consolidate them on to one external hard drive. Want to get your life in order? We suggest that we sort them by the year that they were created and put all of the photos and videos from one year into one digital folder.

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Many clients bring in all of their files from the past year and have us compile them annually on to playable DVDs in the order they were taken.

We have an unlimited variety of options of what we can do with your digital media as well. Any projects we can do with your digitized old media we can do with your digital modern media.

From your photos we can help you create photobooks, slideshows, and photo collages. With your video clips we can make video compilations, playable discs, video and photo montages, or even athletic scholarship highlights. Another service we offer is organizing all of your photos.

Consider sending us all the past year’s photos from all of your sources and having us work to organize it all for you. Once all the photos are organized we can turn them into photobooks, slideshows and more.

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