MiniDV To DVD or Digital File Pricing

  • MiniDV Video to DVD or digital files – $14/hr on the tape
  • If getting digital files we will need to save to flash drive or external hard drive. You can provide or we charge $15-80 for a drive based on file size.


MiniDV To DVD or Digital File Transfer Service Details

Now is the time to revive your long lost memories that are stored on your MiniDV tapes! Transfer your MiniDV tapes to DVD or digital files and preserve your memories for years to come. Our transfer service is fast and affordable.

With all of the moving parts that tapes have, mixed with the degrading quality of the film, there’s no better time to transfer your MiniDV to DVD or Digital Files. Heat, dust, cold, humidity all play a factor in the degrading your video’s quality. Don’t put it off another minute.

Want help with deciding whether to get DVDs or digital files or why we like to save digital files to external hard drives rather than flash drives then check out this article.  The format of the digital files is usually mpg2 or mpg4.

Leave A Legacy sets itself apart by not only allowing you to edit your video in studio but also can give you the raw files so that you can edit it with editing software on your home computer.

Here is an image comparing the VHS to the Hi8, VHS C and the Mini DV.   We can transfer any of these videos and more.

compare vhs to hi8 mini dv

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